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Disclosure is great, but what good is it if you don't understand what's being disclosed?  Consumer education is key in today's gemstone and jewellery market, and these pages present valuable information you can use to help you make informed buying decisions.



With gemstones, colour is king! Here you'll find an explanation of the GIA standards for colour and clarity grading, a list of the most common treatments and enhancements, and an introduction to synthetic gemstones.


There's way more to diamonds than the 4 Cs! Our Diamonds page offers lots of useful information on diamonds, and an introduction to fancy coloured diamonds.


Lovely, unique, organic gems, pearls have been prised for centuries. Journey with us around the world and discover how pearls are formed, the different types of pearls and where they grow, the criteria for pearl grading and more.


Mysterious, firey opals are considered unlucky by some, but not by us!  Find out about the different types of opals and how they are graded, and  discover the true beauty of this October birthstone and national gem of Australia.

Precious Metals

There are many metal choices in today's market.  Here we present the familiar jewellery metals, silver, gold and platinum, as well as palladium, the newest metal trend in fine jewellery.

Jewellery Care

Here are some great tips to help you keep your fine diamond and gemstone jewellery clean, sparkling and in good condition, and a few words about appraisals and insurance.


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Gemstones | Diamonds | Pearls | Opals | Precious Metals | Jewellery Care

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