About Us

Search4Gems is a global marketplace where consumers can safely buy high quality loose gems, jewellery, tools and other gemmology related items from sellers who keep to the highest ethical standards.

Today, a wide variety of gemstones, once reserved for only the very wealthy, is accessible to the general buying public because of the many new treatments and synthetic materials now on the market.  However, many sellers are failing to properly disclose these treatments and synthetics to consumers.

Up to now, the industry has done little to protect consumers from unscrupulous dealers who misrepresent their products.  This unresponsiveness toward consumers has had a serious and damaging effect on consumer confidence in the gem and jewellery trade.

Search4Gems is a proud member of the Jewelers Ethics Association and requires that all its sellers agree to operate in accordance with the Jewelers Ethics Association's Code of Ethics
and the Federal Trade Commission Guides. This creates an environment favorable to consumers and sellers as well by ensuring all items are properly disclosed to consumers, and that all sellers are competing fairly.


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