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Once your email address has been verified and your account activated, (usually within 24 hours) you're ready to begin selling.  Log on to your account and click on the Sell button.

There is no charge to post items for sale.  There are certain optional listing enhancements that are available for a small fee.  Items which sell will be assessed a fee based on the final selling price.  A complete description of fees is available on our fees page.

To list items for sale, you must first enter the item information.

The folowing fields are required:

  • Category - This is the category and/or sub-category where your listing will be located. Some item categories may require additional information. For example, a category called "Textbooks" may require the seller to include the ISBN or edition.  If there is not a sub-category specific to your item, please use the general category and contact the site administrators.  We will add sub-categories as needed.

  • Title - The title of your listing.

  • Quantity - The quantity of goods to be sold.

  • Item Location - The location the items will be shipped from.

  • Detailed Description - Any information about the item(s) for sale. You may add your own HTML template in here by pasting your HTML code into the HTML editor. However, your page boundary must not exceed 770px.  Please make sure your description includes all pertinent information concerning color, carat weight, mm size, clarity, metal type and purity, ring size, etc.

  • Search4Gems required information for gemstones:

    Stone Type    
    Carat Weight                              
    Origin (if known)                               
    Special Care Requirements                                   

    In addition to gemstone information, finished pieces also must include:

    Type of metal
    Karat fineness (10K, 14K, etc.)
    Gram weight
    Any stamps or maker's marks

    Rings should include size, and whether sizable.

    Bracelets and necklaces should include length and type of closure.

  • Selling Method - Traditional Auction or Fixed Price Listing

  • Number of Days to Run - The listing duration. If this option is not present, the Seller must enter the Start and/or End dates for the listing. (See below)

  • Starting Price - The lowest acceptable price for your listing (unless you specify a Reserve), or the cost of goods for a Fixed Price listing.

Depending on the site configuration, the following fields may also be required:

  • Preferred Currency - For international sales, the price of your item will be displayed in this currency.

  • Payment Required Up-Front - Payment in full is required before your item will be listed, this includes the accrued balance of final value fees, auto-relist fees, and the current item posting fee.

  • End Date - This option becomes available if the Seller is allowed to specify the exact start and end date of the listing.

The following fields are optional, including several visual effects and listing upgrade options, which may require a fee:
  • Hit Counter - A free service to help track how many views your listing has received.

  • Home Page Featured- These listings will be randomly selected to be displayed on our main page.

  • Category Featured- The listing will be featured above other items in category listings.

  • Gallery Listing - The listing will be featured in the gallery section.

  • Highlight Listing - The listing with have a highlighed background to attract attention.

  • Bold Listing- The listing title will be displayed with a bold font.

  • PayPal Email - Supply your PayPal email address and a link will be created for the winning bidder(s) to make a payment.

  • Shipping Cost - The additional charge for shipping and handling the item(s).

  • Who Will Pay Shipping? - Indicate if the Buyer or Seller will pay for the cost of shipping the item(s).

  • Auto Relist - Allows you the option of having your items automatically relist if they go unsold (a multiple item listing that has had at least one sale will not be auto relisted).

  • Upload Base Image - This is the main image for your listing. This image is used if the "Gallery Listing" feature is selected.

  • Start Date - The Seller is allowed to specify the exact start date of the listing. Please note that the auction clock is set to Central Time.

  •  Buy It Now

  • Reserve Price

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Adding Images - You can add images when you list an item. You can also edit a listing to include additional images. There is a four image maximum. Images are not allowed to be hosted outside of our server. This ruling is to maintain security of our site.

Images must be in .jpg or .gif format and cropped and/or resized to a maximum 410 x 310 pixels (4:3 ratio).

  • .jpg - File format that reduces file size without reducing image quality.

  • .gif - Common file format used specifically for web graphics.

To upload an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Click "Browse"

  2. Locate the image file on your computer

  3. Select the file name

  4. Click "Open"

To change an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Check the box marked "Delete"

  2. Click "Browse"

  3. Locate the image file on your computer

  4. Select the file name

  5. Click "Open"

The images that you choose for your listing can be interchanged. If you do not like the original image order, you can rearrange them by changing their sequence number.

Editing a Listing - Complete listing information can be edited IF:

  • Auction - The item has recieved 0 (zero) bids

  • Fixed Price Listing - 0 (zero) items have been sold 

If a listing has received bids or one of multiple items have sold, the following changes can be made:

  • The Seller can append a note to the item description

  • Listing Options can be added

To Edit a listing:

  1. Login to your account

  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu

  3. Select the "Selling" tab

  4. Select [edit item]

  5. Make changes to available fields

  6. Click the button "Save Changes"


Canceling a Listing - There are two ways to cancel an active listing. You can:
  • End the listing early OR

  • Delete the listing

To End a listing early (immediately):

  1. login to your account

  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu

  3. Select the "Selling" tab

  4. Select [edit item]

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Item page

  6. Type the word "End" into the appropriate text field

  7. Click the button "End Early"

To Delete a listing (immediately):

  1. login to your account

  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu

  3. Select the "Selling" tab

  4. Select [edit item]

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Item page

  6. Type the word "Delete" into the appropriate text field

  7. Click the button "Delete Item"

To Open a Storefront

If you would like to open a storefront, go to My Account and select Storefront from the list on the left, and follow the prompts.  For more information, please visit the fees page.

Please remember to leave feedback promptly after every completed transaction.  Click here for instructions on how to leave feedback.

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